About Us

Welcome to Cherry Avenue True Crime Podcast! I want to give you a little idea of what you are in store for here, and also ask You some questions. I’m going to be doing a podcast with some famous and some not-so famous cases. I’m also going to answer that age old question: What is this world coming to?? Yes, that is an age old question. People have been asking it since practically the beginning of time. So with just about every episode of modern day true crime I present to you, I will also give you a shorter version of a similar true crime story from historical archives (a little run down, so to speak, on a similar crime that happened a long time ago). It’s to show you that these kinds of things didn’t just “start” happening and the world has always been more than a little crazy. You’ll see what I mean as we go along. I encourage your feedback (and any story ideas you have for me, whether they are modern day or historical).