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Different Degrees of Murder

All New Ad-Free Episode!  Three cases, Three Different sets of murders.  One from 1900, one from 1926, and one from 1978-1993.  Marty Bergen, George Jefferson Hassell, and Robert Spangler.


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Marty Bergen – Society for American Baseball Research (sabr.org)    Written by Brian McKenna

Marty Bergen (baseball) Wikipedia

Marty Bergen, Profile (razzball.com)  The Tragedy at Snowball Farm by Paulie Allnuts

George J. Hassell – Parmer County, Texas (genealogytrails.com)

The Case of George J. Hassell — Criminally Intrigued



Robert Spangler murdered five members of his own family: Devil Among Us investigates (monstersandcritics.com)



313 Carl Drive Pt3

This is Part 3 of the episode: 313 Carl Drive.  If you have not yet listened to Part One and Part Two please go back and listen to those. Part 3 will start right where we left off in Part 2.

313 Carl Drive PT 2

If you have not yet listened to Part One yet, please go back and listen.

This is Part 2 and we start where we left off in Part 1


313 CARL DRIVE was the home of the Hendricks family.  David, Susan, and their three beautiful children.  One horrible night in November 1983, the entire family was brutally slain with an ax and a knife.  All, except for the sole survivor, David.  There are some twists and turns in this case.

Sueppel Family Murders

Between the evening of March 23rd and March 24th, 2008, Steven Sueppel murdered his wife and four children. We go over this case and talk about other family annihilators. After the main story there is historical newspaper accounts going back to 1926, of other family murder/suicides.