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The Exception, Not the Rule

The Exception, Not the Rule

Welcome Back to Cherry Avenue True Crime Podcast

The Based on a True Story movie we are exploring today is In Plain Sight, and the case is the murders committed by the man said to be Scotland’s first serial killer, Peter Manuel.  We also have a side case about the last woman to be hung in Scotland in 1923.  It’s a crazy story. They are both are.



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True Crime Cautionaries

There are a lot of reasons people are interested in real true crime stories. For one thing, it’s been going on since the beginning of crime, which would be the beginning of time. And then there is the Knowledge that comes with all that. There are things that can be learned from it.  True Crime, Following True Crime, Watching the bad things on the news, can be important. It can help. It can help you and others in your life.

When I was a teenager and driving my own car for the first time, I wasn’t watching the news, and we didn’t have smart phones or social media then. My family members told me about how bad men were deliberately hitting women’s cars with their cars to get them to pull over….and some women were raped, some killed. The idea being they would pull over to see the damage on the car, to exchange insurance information, etc. The whole Don’t Stop, Drive to the Police Station thing started then, at least as far as I know. People who cared were telling young people not to stop in these situations. Drive to somewhere safe, a police station if possible.

So you can learn things from True Crime.

There are a lot of women that listen to their intuition. We need to.